Product Based Business

So you know what product or products that you will sell. Describe the product in detail. Explain the specifications, features and the benefits. Be prepared to give a 30 second explanation on your company and its products, or a 1 hour in-depth presentation.

Do you manufacture the products yourself or do you just buy and sell them?

Who buys your product? Is it an end user, or another business? What do you know about your target market?

Why would they want your products, instead of the competition's products?

Who are your competition? What do you know about them? What makes them special? What do you know about their products? How do they compare to yours?

How will you get to your target market, to sell your products?

Will you have a retail store, or an office, or a home-based business? Will you need to have a warehouse to stock inventory?

Will you rely on advertising or publicity? How about networking?

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