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ImageHello again!

As usual, I've been busy this week. I chaired a meeting at our local Toastmasters club. We had a couple of guests attend, which is good. You always need to be on the lookout for new members for your club. I have been  in Toastmasters for about 12 years now, and I get a lot out of it. If you have a chance to check it out, find a club in your area and pay them a visit. Their site is You can look up information on clubs in your area there.

I got the drive belt for the power steering on my car replaced, and now it doesn't squeal when I start the car. It was bothering me for a while, but it was one of those things that is not critical.

Last weekend, I saw my doctor, he is pleased with my progress in my weight loss (prevoius article). He said my blood pressure is improved, and I might be able to come off my medications for my high blood pressure soon. This is a great new motivation for me to keep at it. :)

One thing about losing weight surprised me. I had to adjust my watch strap because my wrist had gotten thinner. i have lost inches from my waist, but I did not expect my wrist to shrink too.

I took some sunrise photos this week, I put them in the gallery section for your enjoyment. I printed out some 8x10's of the good ones to put on my wall. There is something about the sunrise of a new day over the mountains that is awe inspiring.

In terms of new things I learned, or still am learning, I have been reading a book called "A Return to Love". :idea A key idea I got last week was seeing other's faults not as flaws but wounds. This perspective triggers compassion towards others, rather than negative feelings.

I can expand this beyond looking at individuals. So much in life seems imperfect, flawed. Rather than feel frustrated or angry, by changing my perspective I can feel compassion and caring. The world is sick, wounded, and we are all in it. Complaining about things does not help cure them.

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