ImageTry to be in a business where you have regular customers who give you repeat business. The value of a regular customer is a predictable regular income as long as you keep that customer.

Consider the lifetime value of a customer. If a customer leaves you, how much future income are you saying goodbye to? How much will it cost you to find a new customer to take their place? Remember that it costs 5 times as much to get a new customer than to keep a current one.

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Years ago, I used to work in a restaurant back in England. We used to see certain customers nearly every night come in to buy their supper to take home. My boss would often throw in something extra, or if they were short of change it was not a problem. We knew many of them by name. "Keep your regulars happy - they pay the bills round here, including your wages." he used to say to me.

Think of some of your regular customers and consider what you can do to go the extra mile for them. Make it clear to them that you value their continued business. Consider their interests above your own or even those of your business. Satisfied regular customers is your business.

If you don't like cold calling, make it a goal to "wow" your customers. They will be loyal to you and your business. They will consistently refer new business to you. Then rather than cold calls you will have what my friend calls "hot" calls. There is nothing better than having a prospect call you, ready to buy.


(from the best of Big Dreams)