ImageHow is the economy affecting you? Have you noticed any changes? Until September I was working on a project for a large company, but when that finished they said there was no new work. I got the same response from lots of places.


Several of the people I know are out of work. I try to keep in touch, and usually offer to be a reference for folks I have worked with. Well, recently few companies have called to check up on references, which tells me that my former colleagues are also having a tough time finding work.

I saw in the paper that some movies were canceled. I usually expect the entertainment industry to keep the spark of hope alive. I guess even they have budgets to work within. If they think that people have less money to spend, then perhaps they can produce only the best movies.

In Canada, some of the multi-nationals are moving out completely and re-locating to where the labor market is cheaper. I wonder if they are using the economy as an excuse to cut costs rather than as the real cause.


If you think about it, they invested a lot to gather together teams of talented people. It would make sense to me that they should make use of that talent, and find new products and services to produce. Once you close the doors and let people go, the opportunity is lost. Inside the heads of all those people are potential business ideas, waiting to be realized.

Myself, I keep myself busy. I look at business areas that are working and try to enhance them further. I am exploring possible opportunities with various people, with a hope to earning a living. Like marketing, you have to test out various approaches to see what works best. A lot of things that once worked, do not any more, so you have to be innovative more than ever.

So, what are your experiences so far? Care to share, either in a comment below or directly to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?