I just saw my doctor for my quarterly review, so I thought it was time to check in here.
Still following the plan, working to cure myself of diabetes.

I do two and three day fasts once a week, as well as intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet. My exercise is still up around 2-3 hours per day, mostly cycling.

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I went into see my doctor, with all my data. My latest A1C was 6.1% (up 0.2%).

Although there was a slight increase, I would suggest there is an overall downwards trend. My doctor did not see it as a cause for alarm. At this point, my thinking is that if my blood glucose level is high, it is time to fast. Below is my meter readings over 3 months, I think I have it under control for the most part.

My doctor was impressed that I have continued the plan for over a year now. He said it is very hard for most people to keep going like this. That I am very dedicated. I reminded him that early last year he was suggesting I needed to go on insulin injections. Now I have almost cured my diabetes, and I am not on any diabetes medications.

My wife was bothered by the attitude of my doctor. With a combination of keto diet, fasting and exercise, you don't need to be on drugs. This is what doctors should prescribe, rather than the drugs. Hopefully this will become a trend.

Blood Pressure

Last time I was struggling with this one, but not any more! Here is the last three months data. I am at or below the 120/80 goal.

I am still taking something for the blood pressure. I also take vitamin K2+D3, each morning. I learned that K2 can help keep your arteries clear and your blood pressure lower. Also, lots of regular exercise does amazing things for your blood pressure.


For some time my weight had hit a plateau of around 220lbs. It was difficult to progress down. During the last three months, my goal was to keep below 220lbs.

When I hit 220lbs, I would fast until I was back down. It worked. The blue moving average line kept below 220lbs. The problem I just realized is that I set the wrong goal. It kept me just below 220lbs, but no further. I now set my goal to below 215lbs. If I can manage that, I will try below 210lbs. I need to ratchet it down over time.


Finally, this one is a longer view, since February. As my weight has dropped, so has my BMI. I am very close to reaching the magic BMI < 30.0, where I am no longer obese and just overweight. To measure this, I go to my local Superstore pharmacy, where they have a machine.




Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is based on my own experience. Your mileage may vary. Check with your doctor before doing anything drastic based on what I wrote above.