Latest update on my quest. I have good news to share! As of today, my blood glucose level is around 5.7mmol/L average over the last two weeks. Last month, it was around 12 or more.

Why 5.7 is important? If you get a Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test of 5.7 or lower, it means you don't have diabetes. The A1C test covers your last 3 months, not just the last 2 weeks. But it is a start. If I can maintain this level, and eventually wean myself off the meds, I would be cured!

I have a chart of the last 30 days of my blood glucose level. The line is a moving average, so you can see at the start, the average is around 12.0.

The first 2-3 weeks were a bit of learning and experimenting, so the line went up and down some. Now I am aiming for a more smooth and level line somewhere near 6.0.

Midday Blood Glucose Lows

Last update I reported how I was waking up in the early morning with very low blood glucose levels. I solved that by reducing one of my nighttime blood glucose level reducing pills (metformin) to half a pill. This was a success, and I now wake up with readings of about 5.0. Now I don't wake up feeling agitated and have to eat something in a panic.

Well the next problem to solve is that the lows moved to about midday. The blue dots are when it is below range.

What is happening is that my morning meds are kicking in and pulling my blood glucose level too low. Combined with my diet, the meds are too much. I have to reduce them just a little, so that I don't go too low. Stay tuned for the result.

Feeling Tired

One side effect of having a lower blood glucose level is feeling tired at times. I am monitoring my blood glucose level about every 2 - 3 hours during the day. When my blood glucose level is in around low 4's I eat a modest snack to push it up a bit. If am travelling somewhere, I need to bring along snacks (best) and glucose tablets (for emergencies) to maintain my blood glucose level.

Eating Out

I have found it harder to eat out. I don't trust the menus in a lot of places. I can buy and cook something nice at home for a lot less money and with more confidence in what is in it. I did find one place that had a low carb breakfast, of eggs, sausage and bacon. Almost all the places I used to visit are off the list though.

Cutting Back

I am excited about tailing off medications. I discussed some with my doctor. I cut back on one pill for reducing blood pressure. That worked well, since I was already well below 120/80.

I tried reducing a couple of blood glucose level reducing pills, since I was well within the normal range now. I think I have that worked out. I have to balance my carbs intake against the amount of blood glucose level reducing pills. If I take less pills, I can't eat as much. At night, I take a little less than in the morning, because I was experiencing low blood glucose level overnight.

Also the day time is about twice as long as the night time (16 vs. 8 hours). I can see via my blood glucose level testing when my meds are wearing off in the evening. I have considered taking my night time meds a bit earlier, rather than when I go to bed.

Because I am measuring both my blood glucose level and my blood pressure, I can see what works and what does not. If I cut back too far, I can reverse course until I am back in range.


I seem to be at a plateau with my weight. I say seem, because I don't trust my scale. I found if I move it to a different location I can get different readings. I am confident with low blood glucose level it forces the conversion of fat back into glucose, so it is only a matter of time. Also all the exercise is causing me to develop some muscles, which could be affecting my weight I suppose.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is based on my own experience. Your mileage may vary. Check with your doctor before doing anything drastic based on what I wrote above.