ImageYou need a reason to go on. It has to be so strong that it motivates you to face whatever challenges that come along. Believe me, stuff does happen to us all. Winners are not superheroes, they just keep going long after losers give up.

Perhaps you have heard of the long corridor theory? Imagine traveling along a long corridor. You can't tell what lies ahead. There are doors of opportunity on either side, but just out of sight. Only after you start moving along the corridor do you get to see what is out there. You must act on faith, and later on you will discover what is there.

As I said, losers give up too soon. They never see the opportunities which are just beyond their view. Very few opportunities are right in your lap, you have to go find them. Winners keep on regardless. Eventually they will reap their due rewards.

So to be a winner, you need your reason for keeping on trying. Perhaps you have a spouse, a family or some overwhelming need or desire to achieve something. If you don't know what your reason is, you have to find one. It is what fuels you to go on when all is dark. Find your happy thought and hold on to it.