View from kayakThis Saturday we went kayaking on Sasamat Lake, here in British Columbia. Sasamat Lake is a very small lake nestled in the mountains between Port Moody and Belcarra. We went there  for an event organized by the Port Moody Canoe and Kayak Club which we had been looking forward to.

Pat on Sasamat Lake

I didn't bother to bring the GPS with me, since the lake is so small. It is hard to get lost in such a small lake. We got there around 9.30 am, and there were few other people there. The summer is officially over now, and I guess it is not such a destination at this time. During the summer it can get so crowded that they close the park gates when it gets full. The weather was really nice, as you can see in the photos, the sun was out and there were blue skies all day. While we waited for others to arrive we paddled around the lake.

At the south end were some people fishing off some floating kind of bridge. We did not bother them, and kept our distance so as not to run into their fishing lines or be accused of scaring the fish away. I try not to irritate other users of the park, we can all share, there is plenty to go around.

Gordon in Canoe

The scenery is amazing there, especially with the good weather we had. The water in the shallow areas was so clear it reminded me of somewhere tropical rather than so far north. 

All day our kayaks and canoes were the only watercraft on the lake. Gordon used his canoe to plant some buoys out in the lake for our various racing events he had planned. Actually, since less people turned out for the event than expected, we adjusted the plans somewhat. I was ok with that. I like to paddle and socialize more than chasing around. Some of the planned events could involved some mock battles and I was not in a mood for a swim this late in the year.

After some races, which included both canoe and kayak events, we had a barbeque lunch. Normally we pack light so that we can carry it in the kayaks, but since this was not an issue we brought out a small BBQ and cooked some nice burgers with onions and all sorts of veggies. 


After lunch, I went for a paddle around the lake while others were finishing their lunch. Now on the far side of the lake is a camp, as in a summer camp kind of place. I saw some girls swimming out into the lake from there, so I checked up on them. At this time of year, it is possible to get hyperthermia and so I was concerned. Fortunately they did not need my help.

After the others finished lunch, we had some more competitions and events, such as paddling backwards and blindfold paddling. It was lots of fun. After that we went around the lake one more time before going home.

I have more photos here. I may return to this lake again soon, it is quite kayak friendly. I look forward to reading your comments below.