View from kayakOctober 30, we went back to Sasamat Lake, which is not far from where we live. We went there  for an event organized by the Port Moody Canoe and Kayak Club but it got cancelled due to rain or something. We went anyways, since we are die-hards. :-)

Pat on Sasamat Lake

We arrived early. The club had scheduled 11:30 for the start, and it was low clouds and pouring rain and high winds when we arrived. I decided to wait, and at around 11:30 the weather improved.

It was still cold, but we got into our gear and took our kayaks down from the parking lot to the lake. There was still plenty of mist on the lake, like a fog. The sun came out within an hour or so. The photo on the left here is of the fishermen on the floating bridge, witht the mist illuminated by the sun from behind. As the day continued, the weather continued to improve.

I later learned that the club had sent email out, late the night before to change the location. Eventually noone turned up even at the new location, so I think we were the only club members out on the water that day. No matter to us, we had a great time.

Gordon in Canoe

The scenery is always amazing there, especially with the sun coming out. The mist on the water made for some interesting photos, such as this one of two ducks in the mist, taken near the south end of the lake. As the day progressed, the bright sunshine warmed us up, after a cold start to the day. 

We had some nice chicken sandwiches that Pat had prepared, and paddled around exploring.

Kayaking can be so relaxing. It is almost a surreal experience, you glide over the water, with little effort. Most of the time there was little or no wind, so the surface of the lake was like a mirror. There were few other people there, so we had lots of time to ourselves. 


At one point we saw a beautiful eagle up on a treetop by the side of the lake. I got out the binoculars, and as if on queue, it flew down and landed by the edge of the lake to take a drink. We glided over towards it and had some nice views before the bird took flight.

It is quite amazing that this was the end of October. Sometimes we get nice weather late into the fall.

I hope to go out again whenever the weather is anywhere near acceptable for paddling. In the future I hope to get a dry suit so the cold water does not challenge me.

I have more photos here.  I look forward to reading your comments below.