It has been a while since my last update. I have been waiting for things to report on. Well, looking back, I think I now have something I can share. A couple of weeks back, I reduced and then stopped taking my Metformin (blood glucose reducing). About 3 days ago I stopped taking Glyburide, which was the last medication for controlling my blood glucose level.

Without those medications, I am controlling my blood glucose level with my diet and fasting only. The mornings have started a bit high, and it drops during the day. It is still within the normal range (3.9-10.0 mmol/L). I am flying without a net. I am a bit nervous when I see it high, because I desire to keep my blood glucose level low so that the next A1C reading is equal or lower than last time (6.4%). But I really want to do it without medications. To keep my blood glucose level within the normal range without using drugs is more important.

I take blood glucose readings every 2-3 hours during the daytime, and adjust my eating to keep it under control. If I were unable to maintain my blood glucose level within the normal range without medication, I would reluctantly resume taking just enough to bring me back under control. These days I know by measuring, the effects of various foods on my blood glucose level, as well as the effects of medications and how much medication is needed to bring my blood glucose level down by the desired amount.

The results of the medication do reduce the blood glucose level, but they do that by pushing it out of the blood into other parts of the body, especially the liver. It is not curing the total glucose level, but masking that which is easily measurable - the blood glucose level. It is a symptomatic cure. The much better solution is not to overload my body with sugar, which I am now doing.

Since I have succeeded in managing my blood glucose level without using medications for 3 days, I am optimistic I can do so another 3 days, and just continue on after that. This is a big achievement for me, and I am extremely motivated to make it permanent.

High blood pressure

Blood Pressure

I am off the water pill again, and I tried without the Ramipril for a few days, but my blood pressure went up. I am back on the Ramipril, and blood pressure is good again. I hope to eventually get off this medication, perhaps in a month or more I will try again. At the moment, this is the only medication I am still taking. I used to be on 7 different medications. Like with the blood glucose level, I measure and track my blood pressure daily. I can see what works and what does not.

Weight Loss

Or lack of it. Things have gone a bit strange recently. I am doing nothing different, but things have gone in the wrong direction for at least a week now. I read that this can happen. Also, with the changes in my medication levels, it would have some impact.

I will keep at it though. My target is now moved out into September, when I will no longer be obese. I watched a few videos on how weight loss on a keto diet can stall, and what I can do about it. I am a little frustrated, but I expect to make some progress soon.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is based on my own experience. Your mileage may vary. Check with your doctor before doing anything drastic based on what I wrote above.