A couple of years ago, I worked on a web site for a company near here. They sell all sorts of cool equipment, unrelated to puppies of course.

At one point, I made up some silly pictures with puppies and cute kittens and put them on the site as a free download for desktop background pictures. I never thought much of it, until the traffic for those pictures got out of hand. I had to remove the pictures or risk having the server shut down.

Here are the cute kitten and puppy pictures for your amusement. Click on a picture to view it, or right-click and select "save as" to save it on your computer:

These puppy pictures are no longer available at the other site, so you can only get them here. If you have any cute puppy pictures, please leave a comment below

Something Totally Unrelated

I wrote this years ago in flash. Click the button and have your sound on to hear it.