ImageI see life as a series of opportunities. One thing leads to another, which in turn leads to another. You don't get to the next opportunity unless you take action on the current one. You must seize the moment, take advantage of an opportunity, and it will open doors to yet more opportunities.

Perhaps you recall a video game called Frogger. It had you leaping on logs and lilly pads to get across a river or a road. Anyways it is like that with life, leaping from one thing to another as you move along. If you stay too long in one spot, then the log you are on sinks with you on it. Once you start to cross, you have to keep moving. It was good for the hand-eye coordination.

Not all opportunities occur in series either. Something you do may cause several opportunities to arise. You can trace each one back to a point in time where you did something. Your action triggered multiple opportunities. And then you have a choice of which ones to take action on. Cool huh? Having more than one way is a plus, as long as you don't let it paralyze you into not taking any option. I remember watching Star Trek and Jean Luc Picard was always challenging his people to come up with new options. The quality of your outcome is affected by the choices you make. And if you can create new options to choose from, then you can make better choices.

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Being able to create options, and then choose from them, means you have a degree of control over your life. You are not a victim of circumstances. That is an important realization. You have power to change things, for the better.

Just think, if you are in business (or not) and you realize that you can create opportunities for yourself. Who knows what they will bring, or when and where they will materialize next? I cannot even consider what opportunities will happen as a result of what I do today. I do know my actions will cause something to happen, and I am excited about that.


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